Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patients’ Rights

  • To be treated with dignity and respect, consistent with professional standards for all patients regardless of race, sex, nationality, religion, culture, manner of payment, disability or any other factor.
  • To receive care that is considerate and respectful of the patient’s personal values and beliefs.
  • To receive healthcare on the basis of clinical need.
  • To be referred to a specialist/consultant for special care when there is a clinical need.
  • To receive detailed explanation of their condition, care, treatment and aftercare in terms that are free from professional jargon.
  • To have access to their medical records and medical information.
  • To receive a second opinion or to have their care transferred to another physician if the patient is not satisfied with the care or opinion provided.
  • To have full privacy during examinations, procedures, clinical care/treatment together with the right to know who is in attendance and the purpose of those in attendance with them.
  • To have an informed consent of treatment, procedures and interventions as per the HAAD Consent Policy (Reference PPR/HCP/P0003/07).
  • To receive verbal and written information about any proposed treatment and to be told if there are any alternatives available.
  • To have all clinical and pharmaceutical records kept fully updated and relevant.
  • To have all documented information and personal details and records kept fully confidential and protected from loss and misuse.
  • To receive relevant, current and understandable information concerning all drugs and treatment given, as applicable to each patient.
  • To be part In decision making about their drug and treatment choices.
  • To be provided with Arabic and or English interpreter services; and all other language barriers will be accommodated based upon availability of translation resources.
  • To have any complaint that the patient may make, acknowledged, fully investigated, and to be responded to in writing within three (3) working days.


Patient’s Responsibilities

  • To provide complete and accurate information.
  • To abide by American Crescent Health Care Center rules and safety regulations.
  • To show respect and be courteous to the staff. Not to use abusive language and or display unsocial behavior to other patients, visitors or staff.
  • To respect center’s property.
  • To use the appointment booking and walk-in services appropriately.
  • To give accurate information about personal details and past medical history as well as to inform the medical staff of any treatments and medications they are taking, and a history of allergy or allergic reaction to any medication.
  • To be accountable for their own actions, if they decide not to follow the healthcare provider’s instructions and/or treatment plan and recommendations. They are responsible for outcomes if they do not follow the care/treatment plan.
  • To safeguard any belongings in their possession whilst visiting the Centre.
  • To keep/be on time for appointments and inform the Center if they are unable to attend in advance, so that the appointment may be utilized for another patient.


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